Registration Information:

Hello and welcome to the South Atlantic Region’s Conference Information page.  Below you will find pertinent information regarding the South Atlantic Regional Conference.  If you are having difficulty logging in and or registering for this event, please feel free to email the webmaster at



    • First go to the web site:
    • Secondly click on the REGISTRATION Link
    • Thirdly a window should open and then look to your left and you will see “Login”
    • Next, scroll down the page and you should see where there is a request
      for you to put your Primary E-Mail Address: and Password
    • Put that information in.
    • NEXT you will come to a page (look to your left) and click on “Upcoming Events”
    • Once you come to upcoming events, Click the drop down menu and then choose Regional Conference.
    • Look to the bottom and click on the link that says "2012 South Atlantic Regional Conference"
    • This should take you to a button that says "Register for this Event". You should then be able to input information for registration.

For more information, please login to the Registration site:  Online Registration