Sylvia Sloane Jones

Cluster I Coordinator

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Donna Douglas

Cluster II Coordinator

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Rose Dean Andrews

Cluster III Coordinator

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Angie Bobo Onianwa

Cluster IV Coordinator

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Shevawn Broxton Young

Cluster V Coordinator

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DeVetta Williams Hughes

Cluster VI Coordinator

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Patricia Moore Henegan

Cluster VII Coordinator

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Gloria Harrison Booze

Cluster VIII Coordinator

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DeVetta Williams Hughes

Chief of Staff

Doretha Hibler Glymph

Regional Executive Assistant

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Joyce Williams Bell

Regional Administrative Liaison

Rowena Loadholt

Regional Editor-in-Chief

Margaret E. Suber

Administrative Office Manager

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Ivadella Walters

Regional Financial Secretary

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Vivian Brown Dowdy

Regional Treasurer

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Franka H. Young

Regional Communication Officer

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Dianne Williams-Cox

Regional Technology Chairman

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Adelma Stanford Brown

Web Mistress

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Kathryn A. Wilson

Regional Vendor Relations Liaison

Gerry Watson Coleman

Regional Parliamentarian

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Beauty P. Baldwin

Regional Hodegos

Odessa Striggles Bennett

Regional Protocol Co-Chairman FL

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Kaci Greene

Protocol Co-Chairman SC

Kyshia Carey

Protocol Chairman

Regional Philacter Emeritus

Regional Parliamentarian

Elizabeth S. Young

Regional Co-Philacter

Sarah-elaine Jones

Regional Logistics Chairman

Karen S. Harrison

Logistics Co-Chairman

Trudie Carmichael

Recommendations Chairman

Chandra Dillard

Legislative Liaison-SC

Mia McLeod

Legislative Liaison-SC

Carolyn F Hugley

Legislative Liaison-GA

Geraldine Thompson

Legislative Liaison-FL

Laurise Thomas

Connection Chairman-FL

Karen Bennett

Connection Chairman-GA

Kimberly Greene

Connection Chairman-SC

Linda Wright

Medical Response Chairman

Karen Harris Hawkins

Awards/Exhibits Chairman

Frances Fields

Regional Awards/Exhibits CoChairman

Stephanie Cockerm

Boule Luncheon Co-Chairman

Roslyn Mixon-Phillips

Boule Luncheon Chairman

Wendy Hall

Hospitality Chairman

Peggy Smalls

Awards and Exhibits Co-chairman

Vickie M. Stuckey

Hospitality Co-Chariman

Starlac McGhee

Regional Tellers Chairman

Ruby Gentry Edwards

Regional Tellers Co-Chairman

Velice Cummings

Regional Gathering Chairman

Gwen Taylor

Regional Gathering Co-Chairman

Constance S. Gardner

Rules Committee Chairman

Sharon Reynolds Earle

Corporate Partners Chair

Stephanie Tillman

Time & Place Co-Chairman

Sandra L. Jackson

Rules Committee Co-Chairman

Melissa Adams

Corporate Partners Co-Chairman

Clemontine Washington

Regional Resolutions Committee Chairman

Lisa George

Time & Place Chairman

Valerie Brant Wilson

Resolution Committee Co-Chairman

Barbara Bodison

Sisterly Relations Co Chairman

Bronwyn Hughes

Program Co Chairman

Markita J. Grant

UG Round-up and Retreat Task Force Chairman

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